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Cage Free Care provide high quality, affordable, transparent, and convenient healthcare to everyone. Cage Free Care is a cloud-based platform that enables medical providers and facilities to offer their services directly to the patient. Cage Free Care’s turn-key solution offers all-inclusive memberships that come with no copays, deductibles, insurance or out-of-pocket expenses.

Cage Free Care Memberships allow people to rest easy and not stress over the out-of-pocket expenses and hidden fees that come with traditional health insurance plans. As deductibles, coinsurance, and copays continue to rise in the insurance industry, it makes it nearly impossible to afford healthcare. Our memberships are a great solution to this growing problem. Our innovative, direct primary
care program gives patients the key to quality and affordable healthcare.

 The seasonal sports and joint injection memberships have 4-month terms. All other Cage Free Care membership contracts have 12-month terms.

If you need to cancel your membership before the end of your 12-month period, there will be a 50% cancellation fee. This fee will be based on the remaining duration of the annual contract.

To cancel you must call our customer service department at (512) 851-1018

If you need to upgrade your membership package, it can be upgraded at any time at no additional charge. To upgrade your membership, call our customer service department at (512) 851-1018

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To get started:

  1. Choose a membership
  2. Pay the one-time $50 application fee
  3. Complete Registration
  4. Start using benefits immediately

Have questions? Call us at (512) 851-1018

Yes! We can extend a Cage Free Care Membership to any person with those plans. New members would have to complete an exclusion form stating Cage Free Care will not charge their carrier, because Cage Free Care is not insurance it’s a healthcare membership program.

We know healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all situation. We pride ourselves on working for our members to find them the best cash pricing options around town. If you need a service not included in your membership, we likely have a partnership with another vendor that offers accommodating cash pricing options.

If you have a question about these partnerships, please give us a call at (512) 851-1018

Selecting Your Membership

Household Sizes
  • Individual (Any One Person)
  • Couple (Any Two People)
  • Family (3-6 Dependents)

Memberships Are Based On The Number Of People In Your Household

Memberships Are Based On The Number Of People In Your Household

Included In Every Membership
  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • Unlimited 24/7 Telemedicine 
  • No Co-Pays, Deductibles or Insurance
  • No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses
  • One-Monthly Payment
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